Zar and Council Members

Zar May 12, 1990

This is Zar, Leader of The Project. His race is the most elite of The Project races and in this part of the Universe. He is five feet tall in body form and has round black eyes and a tiny nose and mouth. His body is made out of light and his home is a star which takes 17 days to get to at greater than light speed. His ships are made out of light too. He's about 500 Earth years old and in his first life. Jack and Zar are family by soul.

March 17, 1991

This is Christian by nickname. He is a Council Member and "The" Project Physician. He is a true professional of many life forms and their functions. He is four and a half feet tall, has gray skin, green eyes and large facial features. He wears a brown tweed robe with a hood.

Demetrius August 15, 1990

This is Demetrius by nickname, also called Demetri. He is a Council Member and professor of Environmental Engineering, among many other specialties. He is three and a half feet tall, has white-gray skin, large bright green eyes with double pupils and pleasant telepathic effects.

Demetri's planet has two moons and an orange sky, which (translated) is called "The Planet of the Burning Sky." It has no trees, but has rich soil, great plains, and a liquid like water. Demetri is about 350 Earth years old, in his first life and is family to Nancy by soul.

July 23, 1990

This is Einstein by nickname. He is a Council Member. The telepathy of the beings of his race has thunderously powerful effects on us humans and is difficult for them to control, especially for their male gender. Einstein himself has practiced and accomplished a great feat for his race, in learning to audibly speak human language. This is so that he may be able to physically interact and converse with humans here while he deflects the debilitating effects of his direct telepathy. This race is well-known in this part of the universe for their Herculean telekinetic abilities.


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