More Council Members and Other Beings

Bja August 9, 1991

This is Bja, by true name, as he was then and as he is now-a being of light through a change natural to all the beings of his race. He is five feet tall, has almond shaped black eyes and a tiny nose and mouth. Bja is by profession a true guardian of children and of awareness.

October 30, 1991

This is Jaan, by council title. His presence is easily distinguished from others' by his strong telepathic effects. At three feet tall, his size and delicate manner are especially appealing to young children. Because of this, Jaan and his accompaniment are often the first to introduce alien life to affiliated human children.

Kaywaan October 21, 1991

This is Kaywaan, by title of his council position. He is three and a quarter feet tall, has a medium build, green skin, large jaw, yellow eyes with unique pupils, and wears a green hooded robe.

The telepathy of the beings of his race has a fairly strong effect on humans. One of the many talents these beings are so well-known for in this part of the universe, is their natural ability to physically conduct their bodies at near light speed.

July 12, 1990

This is The Blue, by nickname. He is a Council Member and Professional Diplomat by heritage of his race. He is four feet tall, has dark brown-plum color skin, dark brown eyes and large facial features. He wears a blue hooded robe and hand cover. He has a mischievous sense of humor.

The Blue is The Project's lead representative of our closest neighboring race, from our closest neighboring planet.

The Blue
The White July 12, 1990

This is The White, by nickname. He is a professional colleague and friend of The Blue. He is five feet tall, has smooth white skin and wears close, seamless clothing or a white hooded robe. He has large almond shaped black eyes, tiny nose and mouth. He and the beings of his race are quiet, shy, and very gentle.


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