Additional Council Members and Other Beings

Xandar May 6, 1991

This is Xandar and his colleague. They are four feet tall, have a medium build, peach tone skin, black eyes with a white border and small nose and mouth.

Xandar is in charge of coordinating each of the aliens' vacation times to visit their families. His daily duties include close monitoring of personal stress levels and arranging local down time for the alien and human members as necessary.

October 6, 1991

This is Xerron by title of his council position. He is four and a half feet tall, has a slight build, white skin, narrow black eyes and a small straight nose and mouth. He wears a black hooded robe. The telepathic effects of the beings of this race are quite gentle and pleasant to humans.

Each of the nine council members must be of physical matter of body. If for any reason one must retire, the position is then requested by process of self-election by those next in line, and finally revealed by unanimous decision among all other council members. Xerron Jodan passed to the spirit world in April 1992 from where he continues to assist The Project in other ways.


Yarcore August 29, 1990

This is Yarcore, by title. He is the head of The Project Council and a true professional of many natures, particularly specializing in the psychological. He is five and a half feet tall, has light to dark gray skin of continually varying complexion and facial features continually shifting in appearance.

September 19, 1991

This is Zen, by council title. He is seven and a half feet tall, very thin, has white-gray skin, deep black eyes and wears a black hooded robe. Many council decisions are formed based on this being's thinking.

Zylem July 23, 1990

This is Zylem, by true name. He is a professional colleague of Einstein. The two work in partnership at home and through this part of the universe. This race is of the same genetics our own race is, but further evolved and in their own natural direction. This race too is known for their similar powerful telepathy as Einstein's race. Zylem is six feet tall, has a muscular build, black eyes and medium Caucasian skin tone.


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