Intergalactic Union

"The Intergalactic Union" is the literal translation of the name of the union between these five galaxies:

  Milky Way
  M-31 Andromeda
  Small Magellantic Cloud
  Large Magellantic Cloud

Four surrounding one, our Milky Way is one of the surrounding galaxies. The area of this union is universally known as T424, pronounced "tee-quad-twenty-four."

Actively participating in this union are over 5,200 advanced intelligent races, each from their own world. There are relatively few primitive races in the region also, but like us, they are not counted as members of the union yet.

The 218 races that visit Earth are among our closest advanced neighbors. They each work together now under the leadership of The Project and behave within the parameters of The Union. (Go back to read more "About the Project")

Among the worlds of intelligent life in our galaxy, there are 103 others at a point equivalent to ours, though each unique, also having their projects organized now with their own advanced neighbors.