Sunday, March 17, 2002.

Jack and I met a new alien being whose name is Qwanee. He is of a race of light that we have not met physically before, but is related to The Gendar. The first thing he said to us was "Tokyo Japan." I wrote that down, and then I continued to write as he continued to speak. The people of Japan don't know it yet, but they are the ones chosen to have first open contact with the alien races visiting Earth, and it will happen "soon" in Tokyo. The plan is already in motion. As far as the alien races can see, it may even become fully diplomatic.

The Project has chosen Japan among all our nations for this task because of their favorable demeanor, which is evident throughout their culture and discipline. They have been a peaceful nation and have not become involved in any wars for some time. They are a strong, stable nation that can withstand opposition from others. As well, they are willing and worthy to handle contact responsibly in regard to their people and the rest of our world.

The USA was offered first the opportunity to host open contact for The Project but the USA refused.

The USA will oppose the contact between The Project and Japan and increase its familiar propaganda tactics to try to interfere with its progress, but will be unsuccessful.

Nancy ES Malacaria

Our Mission is to bring to humans of Earth a true awareness of alien life and to build a strong diplomatic relationship between our worlds.

Our Vision is that humans of Earth will unite themselves, join their visiting group of worlds and participate with the advanced ways of Universal peace.


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