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Dear Listeners,

Welcome to The Frontiers of Consciousness.

As evolution is not such a mystery, alien life should not be such a mystery, we just need an explanation of the basic dynamics that we can begin to understand with. It's not alien life that's so elusive, it's human acceptance and understanding of technology and spirituality.

You can prepare yourself to more easily understand what we have to share by expanding your perspective with a bit of consideration of time and space in the Universe.

  One million seconds is 12 days.
  One billion seconds is more than 31 years.
  One trillion seconds adds up to 300 centuries. That's 30,000 years. Thirty thousand years ago, many of our ancestors were still living in caves.
  Our Milky Way is made up of 200 billion stars and is 100,000 light years across from end to end.
  One light year is nearly six trillion miles.
  Most of our astronomers think the average galaxy may have about 100 billion stars, and that there are about 100 billion galaxies. That's ten sextillion stars, or 10 billion trillion, which is 10 followed by 21 zeros.
  Of the last trillion seconds, or 30,000 years, it's been in just the last fifty years or so that we've excelled in the technologies to be able to learn about distant galaxies and travel about close to home.

Some other worlds of intelligent life are millions to billions of years ahead of us, but our own process of acceptance of other life and evolutionary ways is entirely contingent on our own ways of life and thinking

Jack and Nancy Malacaria



This is Zar, Leader of The Project At Earth.








This is Demetrius, one of the nine Project Council Members.


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