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Welcome to my classroom :)

The purpose of this room is to help educate anybody interested in The Truth. Contrary to popular opinion and belief, there is only one, and nobody knows it all.

Helping others by sharing understanding from personal experience is the way of teaching and learning here, so naturally your belief is un-required. You can't "believe" in something you're never learned about and it's not even wise, so this is a place to study.

The topics are specifically about the races of people visiting Earth, which also include all surrounding aspects and issues of alien contact: alien crafts, sightings, current related news events, government disinformation, proof vs evidence, science, physics, history, development and evolution, organization between worlds, laws of space, human nature i.e. social/psychological cause and effect, religion vs God, spiritual awareness, spiritual experiences, natural abilities i.e. telepathy and OB, spirit guides, spirits deceased, reincarnation, states of consciousness and DREAMS.

Everyone is welcome. However, I will not tolerate deliberate disruption or disrespect to me, to my staff, to my guests or to alien life.

Please wipe your feet at the door. Please don't hog the mic. Please don't scroll the room.

If you stick around, you will hear us answer a few of the same questions over and over again. This is necessary because the most basic questions still come first and not everybody has had them answered yet.

I promise you that I and my staff will always answer your questions as honestly as we can, even when the answer is, "I don't know."

"With the Love of Family, Friends and God"
Nancy Earth Sister Malacaria

~ Email EarthSister@msn.com for help or to schedule a private appointment.